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Qualified feeder-mixer

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Job title: Qualified feeder-mixer

Type of contract : CDI


Number of positions : 02



You will be responsible for operating and supervising the baking of bakery products, checking the temperature of the oven as the products enter and leave, and ensuring that the company's procedures are followed. Versatile, he/she is able to carry out the kneading and supervise the production line.


- Master the operation of an oven

- Assess the drying of the part before loading it into the oven

- Place the pieces in the oven

- Check the pressure of the dough during proofing

- Laminate the loaves

- Insert the products to be baked into the oven (baking process)

-  Manage the cooling of the oven

- Respect the time required for cooking and cooling

-  Clean the equipment after each operation

-  Divide; shape and ball the fresh dough; put it on the net and send it to proofing

-  Send the trolley to proofing

-  Maintain work equipment (divider and shaper)


Age: minimum 18 years and maximum 35 years

Sex: Male/Female

Diploma: Not required, but professional training leading to a qualification in pastry-making would be an advantage.

Experience: At least 01 year of proven experience in baking preparations.



-  Handwritten application addressed to the Boulangerie La Croustille Promoter.

-  Updated CV - photocopies of diplomas and/or training courses completed

-  Photocopies of identity card and proof of professional experience


-  Expiry date: 15 January 2024

-  Applications must be submitted in a sealed envelope to the Douala liaison office located at the CAMWATER building, Old Road Bonabéri, 2nd floor, door 203 or by e-mail to the following addresses: maxtchangou05@yahoo.fr or wandjiariza@gmail.com or on the platform :  with the subject "Qualified Kneading Baker" / Contacts:(237)680 52 77 32/ (237)656 29 90 92/ (237) 670 00 20 36


As an employee of our company, you will collaborate with each department to create and deploy disruptive products. Come work at a growing company that offers great benefits with opportunities to moving forward and learn alongside accomplished leaders. We're seeking an experienced and outstanding member of staff.

This position is both creative and rigorous by nature you need to think outside the box. We expect the candidate to be proactive and have a "get it done" spirit. To be successful, you will have solid solving problem skills.

Relation client
Évolution personnelle
Travail administratif
Expertise technique


  • Mène le cycle de vente entier
  • Atteindre les objectifs mensuels de vente
  • Qualifez les besoins du client
  • Négocier et conclure
  • Maitriser les démonstrations de nos produits

Compétences nécéssaires

  • Licence ou plus
  • Passion pour les produits logiciels
  • Anglais écrit parfait
  • Hautement créatif et autonome
  • Permis de travail valide pour la Belgique

Agréable d'avoir

  • Expérience en rédaction de contenu online.
  • Langues additionnelles
  • Expérience avec Google Adwords
  • Compétences analytiques avancées

Qu'est-ce qui est génial dans ce travail ?

  • Belle équipe de personnes intelligentes, dans une ambiance chaleureuse et ouverte.
  • Pas de managers simplets, d'outils idiots à utiliser, d'heures de travail rigides
  • Pas de perte de temps dans des processus internes, véritable autonomie et responsabilités
  • Etendez votre connaissance des business liés à différentes industries
  • Création de contenu qui aidera nos utilisateurs sur une base journalière
  • De vraies responsabilités et de vrais défis dans une société évoluant rapidement
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Each employee has a chance to see the impact of his work. You can make a real contribution to the success of the company.
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